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(1)Include contact information.
(2)Include any special transcription instructions such as "Please de-identify respondents".
(3)Include payment information such as Purchase Order number.

Subjects & Types of Transcripts

  • Oral Histories
  • Meetings, Focus Groups, and Panel Discussions
  • Interviews, Symposiums, Seminars
  • Medical, Academic, Business

Pricing & Billing

  • 30-day invoicing, Master Card / Visa
  • Estimates based on length of audio but ultimately transcripts invoiced based on character count plus spaces.

Delivery Options

  • E-mail attachment
  • Upload to client cloud storage.


Why Choose Absolute Marketing & Research For Your Transcription?

  • Confidential and professional
  • Competitive prices
  • Satisfied customers Since 1992
  • No job too big or too small
  • Standard, micro, video, and digital sound files (recording hints)

Solid reputation for:

  • Highly accurate
  • Competitive pricing
  • Timely production
  • Confidentiality

The Absolute Experience

  • Media Identification & Assignment
  • Quality Control & Counter Marking
  • Document Archiving


  • Linguistic Transcript: Word for word, nothing left out. Includes all coughs, laughter, background noises.
  • Verbatim Transcript: Same as Linguist Transcript, but does not include coughs, laughter, background noises.
  • General Research Transcript is the most commonly requested format. Word for word, similar to Verbatim format, but free of acknowledgement utterances that add no value to the overall text. Examples of these would be: Um-hmmm, I see, Ok... Words that are repeated by ones acknowledging they have heard a response and are listening to the conversation.
  • Edited Research Transcript: Same as standard research, but substitutions are made for poor grammatical wording. Examples: "Yeah - Yes", "We was going... - We were going..." Additionally, off-topic conversation does not get transcribed.

Transcribing accurate, decision-making information, one character at a time. Absolute Marketing & Research Transcription Division is designed to provide transcription services, coding, as well as qualitative and quantitative reporting for anything from individual interviews to large group meetings. We specialize in research transcripts and oral histories.

Our goal is to provide quality transcription and secure handling of your originals. From the moment your tapes are received, they are tagged with a unique file identity and logged into our system. This includes priorities, deadlines, and any unusual circumstances involving the tapes. From there, each tape is given a short test-listen to determine the level of expertise needed and then assigned.

While being transcribed, any speech that cannot be heard clearly gets marked progressively at the point where it occurs. This aids you in your own editing to fill in with notes for what could not be heard. After processing, further editing assures format consistency, spell checks... etc. All files are then archived into the directory personally identifying your project by company, department, subject matter, and date.

We provide an upload area for customers to send digital recordings directly to us. Benefits include:
• No special software or account required
• Recordings are kept strictly confidential



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